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Apple Cider Vinegar in the Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition that most people have, but do not really understand why. It causes the skin to appear flushed due to inflamed blood vessels and comes with a range of other effects such as sensitivity to the sun and overall discomfort. Most people never really go to the doctor as it is not considered as a dangerous condition which is not true. Rosacea may be an indication that your body is unhealthy which is why you need to take steps to improving this. Apple cider vinegar for rosacea is one way that you can use to get your body functioning as it should. ACV has a lot of goodness that can help solve a lot of what may be going on in and outside of your body.

apple cider vinegar rosacea

How to use apple cider vinegar for rosacea

The skin is a wonderful organ that always portrays what is going on inside our bodies. This is why for most conditions that one may have, the first symptoms are usually on the skin and this is no different for rosacea. Most people believe this to be a skin condition; however, most cases show that it goes beyond the skin. This is why you will find that most patients with rosacea suffer from problems involving digestion, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, which is why the treatment should start from the inside.

Apple cider vinegar is a must have substance for anyone suffering from rosacea. Its acidity is perfect for maintaining the skin pH which is naturally acidic. People often destroy their skins pH through the facial cleansers that we use which is why it is important to use ACV to balance this out. The vinegar also assists in strengthening the good bacteria in the stomach that help fight the bad bacteria which cause infections hence, inflammation. This is one of the most common causes of rosacea that can be solved by drinking ACV at least thrice daily.

The vinegar can also be used as a topical toner due to its antiseptic characteristics that help in fighting any bacteria on the skin which may cause inflammation. The close pH of Acv to the natural pH of the skin is another factor that you should consider when using ACV since it will go a long way in restoring the skin to where it should be. ACV also has some Band C vitamins and traces of mineral salts which are important in improving the general health of the skin

Depending on what you think the cause of your rosacea is, you may choose one of these two options of treatment which are drinking or topical use. However, one is advised to use both since they work together faster, to help heal and restore your skin. ACV in its raw form is very strong both in smell and effect. Hence, you should dilute it so as to make sure that it does not cause any more harm to your skin. In both uses, you need to mix three spoonfuls of ACV in a glass of water then use it for drinking or dabbing on your face using some cotton wool. Drinking this mixture may not be very easy so you can choose to add some honey to make it go down easily.

Most cases of rosacea are an indication of what is going on in the body which is why it is important to practice healthy eating and living. ACV only acts as a boost and when you put together all of these efforts, you will find the condition is easier to manage and you will finally manage to get rid of it.

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